GOP Candidate Ramaswamy Stands with Country Star Aldean, Highlights Double Standards in Media Criticism

Entrepreneur and GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is gaining popularity and respect as a strong political figure in the GOP primary race. Ramaswamy recently defended country music star Jason Aldean’s song “Try That in a Small Town,” which faced criticism from the media.

The song criticizes individuals who engage in violent acts such as sucker-punching people, carjacking, robbing liquor stores, spitting on cops, and burning the U.S. flag. Ramaswamy stood up for Aldean’s song, criticizing the left-leaning media for labeling it as promoting gun violence or a “lynching song.” Even CMT, the country music channel, pulled Aldean’s video from its rotation due to the controversy.

Ramaswamy took to Twitter to support the song, emphasizing that it defends values that all Americans used to share, such as faith, family, hard work, and patriotism.

He called out the hypocrisy of those who cheer for songs promoting violence in hip-hop while attacking Aldean’s song. Ramaswamy expressed his solidarity with Aldean and pledged to play the song at his rallies, urging others to stand against these “hypocrites and opportunist frauds.”

Ramaswamy’s prediction came true, as the song reached number one on the charts, even before being played at any rallies.

Ramaswamy argues that while leftists have no issue with song lyrics that glorify violence, rape, and drug use, they conveniently ignore the existence of small towns that uphold traditional values and take care of their own. His defense of Aldean’s song highlights his commitment to preserving American values and challenging the double standards prevalent in the media and society at large.