‘Hospice Care’: Biden To Campaign Out Of His House In 2024

On Tuesday, president Biden announced that he will be running his 2024 campaign out of his private residence in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden selected Philadelphia as his campaign headquarters in 2020 but ran most of his operation out of his home because of the COVID pandemic. In a ridiculous claim, he stated that he chose his new headquarters because it is steeped in ‘family values.’

Biden said in a statement:

“My family’s values, my eternal optimism and my unwavering belief in the American middle class as our nation’s backbone comes from my home — from Delaware. That’s why there is no better place for our reelection campaign to have its headquarters.”

According to a report by Breitbart, Biden’s advisor’s aren’t happy about Biden’s choice of location. Insiders hold the view that having Biden’s home in Wilmington would potentially complicate staff recruitment, as younger campaign assistants might not be too enthusiastic about spending a year in a quiet, small town. Many advocatied for setting up the headquarters in Philadelphia, the same place where his 2020 campaign was situated.

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Randall K Cook
Randall K Cook
9 months ago

My family’s values? Really, or did you forget again your 7th Granddaughter?