A Question That Needs an Answer

I am struggling to get an answer to a question. Each time I ask the question, I get statements that do not even come close to answering the question. Most of the statements relitigate the 2020 election. But this question really does need an answer before we get to 2024.

I asked the question on Instagram and my radio program. It is this: Taking all your arguments as legitimate that the 2020 election was stolen when then-President Donald Trump headed the federal government and his pick at Homeland Security authorized the drop boxes; his pick at the Department of Justice did nothing to stop the steal; and his pick at the FBI did nothing — and Republicans were in charge of Arizona and Georgia and had better positions in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin — how is he not going to have 2024 stolen when President Joe Biden is now in charge; Christopher Wray is still at the FBI; Biden now controls the DOJ and Homeland Security; Brad Raffensperger and Gov. Brian Kemp are still in Georgia with axes to grind now; and Democrats now really control Michigan and Arizona with improved positions in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania?

In other words, if we accept for the sake of argument that 2020 was stolen when Trump was president, how on earth is the man going to stop 2024 from being stolen with Biden in charge and Democrats now in charge of key swing states?

I asked the question on social media and on my radio show. I actually am really curious. Instead of answers to the questions, people chose to relitigate and squabble over 2020. “For sake of argument,” one wrote. “There is no argument. It was stolen.” OK. So how do you stop the steal in 2024 when you could not in 2020?

I’m telling you, let’s accept that it was stolen for the sake of argument. In 2024, the situation will be even less favorable to Trump, and, by the way, he is still opposed to early voting and absentee-ballot-collection efforts, which the Democrats used in 2020 and 2022 to great effect.

So, can anyone answer the question? I really am curious what the answers are. I can venture some answers. The most obvious is that Trump supporters think it will be stolen from any Republican. But, again, in Georgia the only person the race was stolen from was Trump and his endorsed candidates. Every Republican not endorsed by Trump won. In Arizona, Republicans captured a majority of the state legislature, a majority of the congressional delegation and several statewide offices. Only Trump-backed candidates lost in 2022. Trump lost in 2020, but other Arizona Republicans did fine then too. It seems Republicans can stop the steal — just not Trump or Trump-backed Republicans.

That, again, raises the basic question: If Trump is the GOP nominee in 2024, how does he stop the steal? Others posit that 2024 will be different because in 2020 there was a COVID-19 emergency. But in 2022, the COVID-19 protocols were no longer in effect in Georgia or Arizona and Trump-backed Republicans lost while non-Trump Republicans won.

Surely there is an answer to the question. A correspondent offered that when he brings up the same thing, Trump supporters say that every Republican is going to lose anyway so they might as well stay with Trump. They are already planning to be defeated and do not want to try something new.

Why even bother putting Trump up in 2024 if it is just going to be stolen again? Why not give someone else a try? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. So, I guess what I’m asking is: Is the GOP insane?

Republican candidates should consider following Trump’s logic. They do not have to embrace or avoid the issue of the 2020 stolen election. They just need to follow Trump’s logic. If Trump, as president of the United States, could not keep an election from being stolen, how does Trump, with Joe Biden as president of the United States, stop the steal? To paraphrase Trump on John McCain, I like Republicans who do not have races stolen from them.

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11 months ago

Once the steal was committed it forever must be perpetuated. Those who were involved are in a mafia-like commitment to never be found out. They, therefore, have permanently seized control of the power over who or what will run the government and enforcement agencies and ultimately the courts.