All Eyes Are On Governor Youngkin As 2024 Speculation Grows

Glenn Youngkin, the current Governor of Virginia, has been making waves in the political world as a potential Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election. Youngkin’s meteoric rise to political prominence has been swift, and he has wasted no time in making his mark on Virginia’s political landscape. With a tough stance on China and a push for tax cuts, Youngkin has secured several legislative victories during his time in office, which his supporters believe could bolster his presidential campaign. However, not all of his proposed legislation has been successful, with Democratic opposition to his proposals for restrictions on abortion and criminal penalties proving to be a roadblock. Despite this, Youngkin’s ambition and determination to get things done quickly could make him a formidable candidate in the upcoming presidential race.

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Many factors could point to a Youngkin White House bid. While he is currently serving as Virginia’s Governor – Virginia state law prevents him from running for a second consecutive term. Meaning he’d be free in 2025.

While he has assured the media, and the public, that he is focusing on Virginia – for now – that may not be his response at the end of Virginia’s legislative session later this year. Similarly to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, all eyes are on the governor to see what he may do as the state’s legislative season comes to an end and the governor gets ready to announce what might be next for him.

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The Virginia Governor has also given many speeches recently that have prompted the public to speculate a 2024 Youngkin run. And with the “fresh face” 2024 campaign many young GOP figures are pushing Youngkin would be a prime candidate for the role.

If Youngkin were to run for president, it could shake up the 2024 race and offer voters a new perspective on conservative policies.

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11 months ago

I like Youngkin, but a run against Trump would be a huge waste of time and his supporters money. He does not have a chance of breaking out of the single digits.