New Hampshire Governor Makes This 2024 Prediction

Sunday during an NBC News’ “Meet the Press” interview New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu predicted former President Donald Trump would lose the 2024 GOP nomination. While Sununu himself is thinking about a 2024 bid, the governor has made some interesting predictions regarding the GOP nomination. While his interview started with him stating Trump’s time was over, it ended with a potential endorsement.

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According to NBC News Sununu said,

Trump is “in the race” but that “he’s not going to be the nominee; that’s just not going to happen.”

“There’s very few people that are on the fence, whether they’re with him or not with him or whatever it might be. So I think he just has his lane and then there’s everyone else, which is I think a vast majority of the party that’s looking for an alternative,” Sununu said.

“Thank you for your service. We’re moving on. I just don’t believe the Republican Party is going to say that the best leadership for America tomorrow is yesterday’s leadership,” he added.

Sununu has previously said that he felt Trump could not win against Trump in 2024, and at the same time said that fellow governor DeSantis’ style would not mesh well with New Hampshire, leaving many to question if that meant he thought he had to run himself. However, in his interview Sunday Sununu said that DeSantis would win in his state if an election happened today. Seemingly endorsing Florida’s governor, who is not even officially in the race yet.

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In discussing his own bid for 2024, Sununu said there is still plenty of time to decide on that, though no matter the candidate the party needs to attract independents, and the next generation of voters to win. He also said that no matter who ends up being the party’s candidate – he would support them.

We will see what happens in the coming months, though as many are worried about Donald Trump, and bringing in the “next generation,” many also worry about crowding the field. So who will join the group to face Donald Trump? We aren’t sure yet.

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1 year ago

So he would rather we have another bitme than Preds Trump sounds like . Lets hope for the Country we get Pres Trump back