Americans Weigh In On Biden’s Future

Americans have weighed in, and we have the results. Fox News asked people across the county if they thought Joe Biden should run for reelection in 2024. Many of those people said he should not seek a second term. Biden – who served in the U.S. Senate representing Delaware for 36 years before serving as Vice President for 8 years and now serving as President – would be 86 if he completed two terms in office as President. He was also the oldest presidential candidate to ever have been elected to the presidency. Leaving many to question, when will it end.

One American, and Nashville TN. resident, Emma, said that she did not think Biden should run again adding “I just think he’s too old, and he’s lost it and people have really lost respect for him.”

While 80-year-old Biden has not formally announced a reelection bid, he has hinted at the possibility. Though many are against the idea of the President running again, and it seems that even if they did vote for him in 2020 they wouldn’t vote for him again. According to Fox, only two people that they spoke to while interviewing Americans claimed they would vote for Biden again in 2024 if given the chance. Most claimed his incompetence, and lack of finishing sentences is a deterrent. Many cite that it is time for a fresh face, or new blood, in the White House come 2024.

Check out the video below to see – and hear – what Americans had to say about the possibility of Biden running for a second term.