Former National Security Advisor Announces 2024 Primary Run

Former president Trump’s ex-national security advisor has announced that he will run against his former boss in the 2024 GOP primaries. 74-year -old John Bolton, was Donald Trump’s national security advisor from 2018 to 2019. At that point, Trump called the veteran foreign policy hawk – Mr. Tough Guy. According to Bolton, he will keep up with this nickname as he heads into his race since his primary purpose of running is to adopt tougher policies against China and Russia.

As Bolton spoke with Good Morning Britain today, he mentioned that he would run for president “on the basis that we need a much stronger foreign policy.” He also mentioned that he is “not a vanity candidate,” stating that if he didn’t think he had a real shot he wouldn’t run.

Bolton has been in Republican administrations for decades, where he has served multiple presidents as assistant attorney general, assistant secretary of state, secretary of state, and many other roles.

While he served under Trump from April 2018 to September 2019, the pair later clashed on foreign policy views of Iran and Afghanistan, at which point the President tweeted that Bolton’s services were no longer needed due to disagreements.

Currently, the only other candidate to announce a 2024 run is Trump. Though many speculate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will likely run. Bolton says that he believes the support for Trump is declining and he feels he could run a successful campaign against his former boss.

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1 year ago

if anyone is going to support his run for President and give him bit bucks, they cannot take it off of their Taxes and it would be money down the drain.

1 year ago

No one is going to vote for the warmonger Bolton. Get a grip, you have zero chance of winning the nomination for President much less any primaries. Get over yourself….

1 year ago

When is someone, anyone going to do something about eliminating the RINOS from the Republican Party? I don’t mean
McCarthy, he’ll get in line. I mean, Cheney, and all the rest who have actually voted with the Dems to put through bills that the Republicans should never have signed. Somebody please clean this flaw out of the Republican Party.

1 year ago

He’s a war mongerer. Besides, he’s way past his prime.