Elon Musk To Release Free Speech Suppression Files

Elon Musk tweeted Monday that the files “on free speech suppression” would soon be published on Twitter. This tweet has created a buzz around the site from all angles. Some are ready for the release while others, mostly leftists, are claiming the release, and Musk’s claim that Twitter would allow free speech on the platform would be bad for the public. There have been a few posts on Musk’s Twitter account that have pertained to free speech and the files regarding events in 2020. In one, Musk twitted Monday,


Then only about four hours later Musk twitted out,


Many leftist media outlets and companies claim that releasing these files and allowing free speech may do more harm than keeping things as is. Apple has removed their tweets from Twitter only followed by claims that the company has threatened to remove Twitter from the app store. CNN also released a tweet on the situation saying:


While the future of Twitter and the free speech file release are unknown, this story will be updated following any further news.

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1 year ago

We know it’s happening but we also know nothing will be done about it by the current crooked government…..and MSM.