CNN Reporters Instantly Regret Blaming DeSantis For Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida mainland Wednesday night as a formidable Category 4 hurricane. Right on cue, CNN reporters make an effort to politicize the situation and blame Ron DeSantis for the carnage. But they weren’t ready for the backlash.

Ian is devastating homes, businesses, and has forced more than 2 million Floridians to evacuate. The hurricane has winds of over 150 miles per hour. It is tied for the 4th strongest hurricane the state of Florida has ever faced. Meanwhile, in the chaos, Ron DeSantis is taking up leadership. He’s working to handle the situation effectively, evacuate key areas, and protect as much life and property as possible.

Democrats, however, have decided to use this as a change to target DeSantis. They’re doing everything in their power to make this hurricane all about DeSantis.

CNN reporter Steve Contorno calls back to COVID-19 and accuses DeSantis of hypocrisy.

CNN senior reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere couldn’t help but weigh in himself.

To bring the absurdity to a whole new level, Amy Klobuchar essentially said that Democrats can prevent hurricanes. You read that right, give this a watch:

Democrats are positioning themselves to blame DeSantis for whatever devastation Ian leaves in its wake. Not only will DeSantis hold his ground, but his base is already in action. As Democrats fly off the rails, republicans are ready to snap back with vigor. Here are some of the responses to this madness.

From the Daily Wire:

Washington Free Beacon reporter Joe Gabriel Simonson observed: “None of this is in the actual piece which likely means even his editor thought it was too stupid.”

Judge Alex Ferrer responded: “Ahhh. Brian Stelter was fired so someone had to be the new George Costanza at CNN.”

Attorney and columnist Kurt Schlichter responded: “Your network is going bankrupt because you suck.”

“CNN apparently hasn’t upgraded the IQ of their newsrooms,” radiologist Pradheep Shanker tweeted.


Some people get paid to fix pipes, some people get paid to post ignorant tweets. They’re just doing their job, folks:

A quippy response to Amy Klobuchar:

NewsBusters managing Editor Curtis Houck: