Mike Pence Addresses Presidential Plans for 2024

During an interview with Fox News, former Vice President Mike Pence addressed rumors about his presidential ambitions. While careful not to make any official statement the former VP said he plans to go “where [he’s] called” in regard to the White House but maintained that his focus is on this year’s midterm elections

Fox News reports:

“I think whatever success that we’ve had, it’s been by focusing on the work at hand, focusing on the job in front of us, and then, opportunities have come,” Pence said. “First things first—we need to win the midterm elections, we need to elect and re-elect Republican governors around the country—and I put equal importance on those two things—winning the Congress and winning the state houses is of equal importance.”

“It was not just because we had Republican majorities in the House and Senate—it was also because we had 31 Republican governors that were partnering with us every day to advance policies at the state level that magnified what we were doing at the federal level,” Pence said.

“Karen and I will do what we’ve always done—we’ll take time to pray about it, we’ll seek counsel of trusted friends and advisors, and we’ll go where we’re called,” he said.

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