Tuesday Primaries Yield Mixed Results for Trump

The results of Tuesday’s election primaries just positioned up the GOP to take back the House this November. The results from Texas, Nevada, and South Carolina’s primaries produced mixed results for some high-profile candidates who had earned former President Trump’s praise or ire.

Tom Rice- South Carolina

South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice enraged Trump when he voted to impeach the further president following the Jan. 6th Capitol riot. The vote prompted Trump to pledge to support candidates focused on ousting the lawmakers who voted to impeach him. Tuesday night Tom Rice lost the GOP primary to Russell Fry.

Nancy Mace- South Carolina

House Republican Nancy Mace didn’t vote to impeach the former president but she still was able to earn his ire. However, despite Trump’s attacks against her Rep. Mace managed to fend off Trump-endorsed challenger Katie Arrington and walk away from Tuesday’s primary victorious.

Mayra Flores- Texas

A major shakeup happened in the Lone Star State on Tuesday. In a special election, Republican Mayra Flores beat Democrat Dan Sanchez, flipping a seat held by Democrats for more than 150 years.

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