Banned US Track Star Calls Out Olympics For Racism Over Russian Figure Skater’s Failed Drug Test

Russian figure skating phenom Kamila Valieva tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and the International Olympics Committee (IOC) allowed her to continue competing. A prominent US track star called out the racist double standard on social media.

Sha’Carri Richardson, 21, tested positive for marijuana use and was disqualified from competing in the Tokyo Olympics last summer. Valieva, 15, on the other hand, popped hot for the endurance enhancing heart drug trimetazidine six weeks prior to the Beijing Games, and was cleared to keep competing by the IOC.

To Richardson, the double standard is pretty clear: “It’s all in the skin,” she tweeted on Monday.

“Can we get a solid answer on the difference of her situation and mines?” Richardson continued in a timely Twitter tirade. “My mother died and I can’t run and was also favored to place top 3. The only difference I see is I’m a black young lady.”

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