FDA Prioritizes “Non-White” People To Receive Scarce COVID Therapeutics

According to the Food and Drug Administration, ethnic minorities trump white people when prioritizing the distribution of scarce COVID-19 therapeutics. Now some states are prioritizing race over patients suffering from high risk conditions.

Until the emergence of the omicron variant, three antibody therapeutics were being used to treat COVID-19. In December, pharmaceutical manufacturers Regeneron and Eli Lilly announced that their treatments were not effective against the country’s new dominant strain.

That leaves GlaxoSmithKline’s sotrovimab monoclonal antibody, but it’s in short supply, so only high risk patients will be eligible to receive it, and according to an FDA fact sheet, “non-white” people fall under that category.

The treatment is approved for patients twelve and over that are at considered high risk, if they suffer from conditions including older age, pregnancy, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity amongst others.

Keep reading at American Action News.

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