Madison Cawthorn Slams ‘conspiracy theorists’ Alleging Russian Connection

Rep. Madison Cawthorn shot back at online chatter speculating Russia could be mixed up in his now-ending marriage.

Less than a week after announcing he would be getting a divorce from his wife, Cristina Bayardelle, the Republican congressman from North Carolina cast those who are now suggesting a Kremlin connection as conspiracy theorists.

“These people are unwell,” Cawthorn said Monday in a tweet bearing screenshots of verified Twitter accounts reacting to a clip of a 2020 Daily Caller interview in which the congressman talks about meeting an Army captain from Miami at a casino in St. Petersburg. Cawthorn said he and this Army captain stayed in touch, and this person later contacted him while he was in Miami for work and set Cawthorn up with his future wife at a CrossFit competition.

Wow. It has been obvious since he showed up that Madison Cawthorn is a trained, paid operative.

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