GOP Senators Optimistic on Rollback of Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Republican senators Wednesday said they believe there are enough Democrats in the House of Representatives to force a vote on the measure to roll back President Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses — a measure the Senate is expected to pass.

“We’re gonna pass this Congressional Review Act on a bipartisan basis in the Senate sending a very clear message that this is an overreach by the Biden administration and we need to stop it,” Sen. John Hoeven R-N.D., said in a press conference with other Republicans.

“And I think in the House, there a very good chance that they will get enough people to sign on to this, to actually force a vote,” Hoeven added. “Now, we understand that, that when that goes to the administration the president may well veto it. But we’ve sent a very clear bipartisan message on behalf of the people that this mandate needs to be stopped.”

Republican senators last month coalesced around a plan to use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to try to invalidate the president’s vaccine mandate for businesses that have more than 100 employees, Fox News first reported.

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