GOP Presidential Digest

Republicans and Democrats are constantly at odds in America, these disagreements turn into battles fought across several states and all branches of our government. These disputes are centered around political, cultural, and economic issues that we deeply care about, so it makes sense to stay informed and get involved. 

This is your GOP Presidential Digest, where we are going to go over all of the subtle details in the big stories through this past week. It’s important to know all the details with dishonest journalists and fake news empires running amuck, it’s easy to read a headline and get misinformed so let’s take a look at the facts. 


Republican Rep. Censured 


Republican Rep. Paul Gosar was censured by the House of Representatives for posting a meme video on twitter. 

Gosar was the first Representative to be censured in over a decade, the last censure was on Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel who was censured after a series of ethical violations. This censure was not like other censure’s however, with this censure came Gosar’s removal from his committee assignments. 

Two Republican Representatives joined Democrats in voting to censor Rep. Gosar. Representative Liz Cheney and Representative Adam Kinzinger both voted with Democrats to censure Rep Gosar. 


Liz Cheney Ousted from GOP


Liz Cheney was kicked out of the GOP by the Wyoming GOP.

The Republican Party of Wyoming no longer recognizes Liz Cheney as a member of the GOP. This move is entirely symbolic and has no effect on Cheney’s power in Washington.


Pelosi Says the GOP is Too Dangerous 


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that the GOP was too dangerous to be given control of Congress. 

A part of the memo from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee read; “The stakes are clear – House Republicans are too dangerous for American families.. The moment Washington Republicans felt their grip on power loosen, they unleashed a full assault on American democracy, culminating in a murderous assault on the Capitol and the introduction of anti-voter legislation across the country.”


Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty 


Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty during his trial. 

Kyle Rittenhouse was on trial for murder after he was caught in a self-defense situation during a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse at the time of the riot was 17 and was forced to defend his own life after 3 men attacked him, he shot and killed two of the men and wounded a third. During the shooting one man shouted that he was going to kill Rittenhouse while the one man who survived the shooting testified that he did in fact aim his gun at Rittenhouse prior to being shot. 

This trial was sensationalized by the media and many considered it to be the political persecution of an American gun owner. 


Ethics Panel Revokes Cuomo Book Deal 


An ethics panel has revoked disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s book deal. 

Cuomo attempted to get this book deal a while ago, and the ethics committee previously approved the deal. Following all of the controversy the committee has overturned their approval and they are now not allowing the deal to go forward. 

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