Youngkin Says ‘No’ to Vaccine Mandates

While he supports the COVID-19 vaccine and encourages people to be inoculated, Virginia GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin on Newsmax said vaccine mandates will be out of his state if he is elected governor Tuesday night.

“I’ve been pretty transparent in my view on the vaccine: First of all, personally, I’ve gotten the vaccine; my family has gotten the vaccine; I have encouraged people who can get the vaccine where it’s approved to get it, but I will not mandate the vaccine, and I don’t think schools should, particularly for young children,” Youngkin told “Dick Morris Democracy” this weekend.

“I think that’s a parent’s decision, and I believe in parents’ rights fundamental rights to make decisions with regard to their children. And, as governor, I’m going to make sure I’m standing up for parents’ rights.”

Youngkin – who is a candidate in contrast to former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe running for office again – vows to back parents, freedoms, and Virginians over Democrats’ big government, progressive agenda.

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