Merrick Garland Will Have to Answer for Memo Attacking Parents

In response to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s memo last week instructing FBI and other law enforcement to look into threats of violence against school officials and teachers, America First Legal (AFL) has sent a letter to the Inspector General urging him to investigate whether the Department of Justice is improperly targeting parents and their constitutional rights.

The letter, written by AFL Senior Counselor Reed Rubinstein, argues that parents have a constitutional right to voice their opinions about controversial issues such as mandatory masking, Critical Race Theory, and the acceptance of gender ideology.

“On this basis alone, the nationwide protests by parents against public school policies and practices—regarding Critical Race Theory indoctrination; anti-religious and anti-family gender ideology; and/or forced online education and mask mandates—are entitled to the most robust federal constitutional protection,” he wrote.

Rubinstein argues that the Justice Department may be inappropriately taking actions to intimidate and push back against parents angry about school management and curriculum.

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