Schiff and Pelosi Push to Limit Presidential Powers Over List of Trump Complaints

House Democrats introduced legislation on Tuesday that aims to curb presidential powers by addressing a laundry list of issues and complaints that came up during former President Donald Trump’s norm-shattering presidency.

“Donald Trump made this legislation a necessity, but this is bigger than about any one particular president,” said California Rep. Adam Schiff, the lead sponsor of the Protecting Our Democracy Act. “The former president trampled many of our sacred norms and institutions, violating laws and breaking long-standing precedent with shocking ease.”

Sweeping reforms in the bill adjust requirements and restrictions regarding compliance with congressional subpoenas and pardons, the independence of inspectors general, and transitions in presidential administrations, among other measures.

In one sense, the bill marks an acknowledgment by the House that presidential power has expanded too much over the last several decades.

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