CNN Host Gets Put in His Place After Making This CRT Claim

A New York Times columnist publicly rebuffed Don Lemon — and the broader legacy media — when the CNN host denied that public schools teach the controversial, collectivist dogma known as Critical Race Theory.

Ross Douthat, the rare Times columnist whose political views fall on the center-Right, pushed back against the common argument that concerned parents have needlessly harassed public school officials, because CRT is not being taught in public schools.

Douthat began by rebutting the increasingly common assertion that those against CRT oppose teaching negative aspects of U.S. history, such as slavery and Jim Crow. What’s “driving controversy in schools right now is not teaching that racism exists and has consequences today,” he said. “It’s a much more specific sort of theory” that categorizes social norms like meritocracy as “toxic whiteness.”

The American people oppose “constructing a stronger sense of racial identity in order to make people feel a sense of their own privilege and guilt,” Douthat said.

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