Former Trump Spokesman’s Social Media App Reaches 1M Users

Former Donald Trump senior adviser Jason Miller’s new social media platform “GETTR” has attracted more than 1.4 million users in the week since its launch, as it seeks to carve out a space in the social media industry.

“It’s been nothing short of phenomenal,” Miller told FOX Business in an interview this week. “It’s the fastest-ever social media platform to reach 1 million users – which we were able to do just three days after launch.”

Miller told FOX Business that prominent Republicans like former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson and more have joined the platform, along with other popular conservative voices like Charlie Kirk, Monica Crowley, Rogan O’Handley and more.

“The platform is growing, and it’s really exciting when you look at some of these different platforms, just how long it took them to reach 1 million users,” Miller said, noting Facebook reached its 1 million user goal within its first year, and Twitter did not reach 1 million users until nearly 24 months after its launch.

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