Jen Psaki Claims it Was Republicans Who Defunded the Police

Some political talking points are so utterly ludicrous on their face that they hardly require a rebuttal. We’ve found one such example, courtesy of the Biden White House and the Democratic Party. It goes something like this: Because congressional Republicans voted against a party-line “COVID relief” bill earlier this year – which was incredibly wasteful and counter-productive to our national recovery in significant ways – they, not Democrats, are the true party of “defunding the police.” Why? Because that mammoth spending spree, representing the first partisan anti-Coronavirus federal spending of the pandemic, allocated a fraction of its dollars to local law enforcement under massively over-generous bailouts of state and local governments, including jurisdictions that boasted large annual surpluses and didn’t need federal help. Facing political headwinds and a crime spike, the Democratic brain trust has evidently landed on a laughably lame rejoinder. Good luck with this one, team: 

“Lol,” observes Megyn Kelly, succinctly summarizing the proper response to this. It seems like a joke, but it looks like they’re actually going with it:

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