Could Krysten Sinema be a Silent Challenger to the Jan. 6 Commission?

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) was already a target for the far Left concerning her support for keeping the filibuster. Now, her stance on the Capitol Hill riot could generate even more fury from the Democratic Party’s increasingly violent, vocal, and radical base. yes, she supported the creation of a commission to investigate the riot that occurred on January 6, but she didn’t vote for it. She didn’t vote against it either. She was AWOL. She missed the vote. Why? Well, she doesn’t have a good reason for that either. Liberal site Raw Story has more on her disappearing act during the key procedural vote. And this comes after she came out in favor of the commission:

When The Arizona Republic asked Sinema’s office why she had missed the vote, they reportedly did not offer a justification.

“Sinema’s spokesperson, Hannah Hurley, did not immediately respond to The Arizona Republic’s request for comment. Later in the day, she noted Sinema’s support of the legislation ‘and has said so publicly, and she will be entering into the Congressional record that she would’ve voted yes.’ Hurley declined to explain why Sinema had missed the vote,” the newspaper reported.

Keep reading at Townhall.

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