Senate Dems Refuse to Seriously Consider Republican Proposal

Senate Democrats expressed skepticism Thursday toward the Republican infrastructure counter-offer, a $928 billion spending plan that would draw the majority of its funding from unspent COVID-19 relief and other forms of non-new spending, arguing that the GOP proposal was not nearly enough to meet the demands of the moment.

The GOP proposal was likely to meet opposition from Democrats — who have gone so far as to refer to “care economy” spending as infrastructure — precisely because it rebuked attempts to redefine the word beyond what Americans have long considered to be infrastructure.

But criticism from a number of Senate Democrats suggests that some of them believe the Republican counter-offer isn’t even worthy of consideration.

“I don’t really think this is a serious counter-offer,” said Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who raised concerns about how the plan would be paid for and about the lack of “green infrastructure” in the proposal.

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