GOP Senator Slams Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Plan Calls It ‘Green New Deal in Disguise’

The Biden administration and congressional Democrats are struggling to sell the $2 trillion dollar infrastructure package that they hope to pass. Similar to the recently-passed COVID relief package, the bill is filled with spending line items completely unrelated to infrastructure; if passed, the package would also raise taxes in order to fund the legislation on the backs of taxpayers.

Republican lawmakers are overwhelmingly united in opposing the Biden administration’s proposal, arguing that Americans are not in favor of the “liberal wish list” included in the legislation. The bill includes provisions to fund parts of the Green New Deal, as Senate Republican Conference Chair John Barrasso (R-WY) argued on Tuesday.

Just 5 percent of the entire infrastructure proposal is allocated toward real infrastructure progress, meaning improvements to bridges and roads.

Recent polling is on the side of Republicans, showing that Americans do not favor tax increases and wasteful spending in order to fund a hefty infrastructure package. An estimated 1 million jobs would also be lost under the guise of the infrastructure proposal.

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