House Republicans Introduce ‘No Vaccine Passport Act’

House Republicans who oppose forcing Americans to carry vaccine passports to prove they have been inoculated against COVID-19 have proposed a new bill to ban the federal government from demanding such documentation.

“I am profoundly disturbed that the Biden Administration would even consider imposing vaccine passports on the American people,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) said in a statement Thursday. “My private healthcare decisions—and yours—are nobody else’s business.  Vaccine passports will not help our nation recover from COVID-19; instead, they will simply impose more Big Brother surveillance on our society.”

While some states are beginning to mandate vaccine passports, others, like Florida, are not.

“I especially applaud Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for being an early leader against vaccine passports at the state level.  My No Vaccine Passports Act builds on his efforts and will further protect Americans’ privacy rights and fundamental freedoms,” Biggs said.

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