Republican Congressman Drops Truth Bomb on Liberal Cities

Republican Carlos Gimenez, who toppled a Democratic incumbent in November to win a South Florida congressional seat, brings to Washington nearly three decades of leadership in local governance, tackling budget cutbacks, public safety and most recently the coronavirus pandemic.

Gimenez, who served as mayor of Miami-Dade County for much of the last decade, says he’s proven he can cut taxes, make government run smoothly, spur economic development and even slash his own salary by 50%. Now, he’s ready to “dive into the weeds” in Washington and cut the red tape in federal government bureaucracy, too.

“The reason I’m here is to try to make the government run better and be more responsive to the people and be less bureaucratic,” Gimenez, 66, told Fox News in a recent interview during congressional orientation in Washington, “and get rid of unnecessary regulations that cost people money, that cost people jobs and that get in the way of entrepreneurship and innovation. That’s what I really want to do.”

Gimenez is among a dozen Republicans who flipped blue House seats red at a time when Democrats were planning to grow their majority, rather than lose seats. Gimenez said political analysts in D.C. were so out of touch with the impact of his daily TV presence in Florida leading the Miami-Dade coronavirus response and the energy on the ground in favor of President Trump.

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