Lawmaker Speaks Out After Protest Scare

EXCLUSIVE: Minnesota lawmaker whose house Black Lives Matter protesters visited last month spoke to Fox News about the experience of having the demonstrators bang on his front door and demand he come out and address them. He called recent Black Lives Matter protests “nothing but a loud profane mob coming to peoples’ houses.”

State Sen. Warren Limmer, a Republican and the assistant majority leader, saw a group of about a dozen or more Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrate outside his house on July 18. A two-hour-long video of the encounter was posted on the Facebook page of Alpha News before going newly viral this past weekend.

Limmer said that although authorities had alerted him of the planned protest and he had left his home by the time demonstrators arrived, the protests were “unnerving” to his wife and he felt bad for his neighbors, who had to deal with the protesters blocking “half the street” and the “profanity.”

“We were watching it on my Ring doorbell and … you get a different feeling when you see people slithering up to my front door, opening it and then pounding and yelling, demanding that I come out to greet the mob,” Limmer said. “And it really isn’t anything – that type of thing, no one in America should experience.”

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