Social Conservatives Eager to Pop Kushner’s Trial Balloon

It is no secret that Donald Trump remade Republicans in his own likeness, casting aside old orthodoxies and introducing new doctrines to transform the Grand Old Party into a more protectionist, more populist entity. What Jared Kushner wants to do, however, was secret. That is, until last week.

The son-in-law of the president and chief White House adviser has been working for months on a plan to overhaul the party platform. More specifically, as first reported in Axios, Kushner wants to shrink it.

A Kushner platform wouldn’t be like the 58-page tome that the GOP adopted as its platform four years ago. It wouldn’t be a single page, either. He reportedly envisions a statement of policy and principle that fits on a single index card and fits neatly in the front pockets of delegates.

It would also read differently. In conversations at the Eisenhower Office Building, Kushner reportedly proposed eliminating so-called alienating language and allegedly cited language in the last platform concerning “gay conversion therapy.” His aim? Attract more diverse voters.

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