Dem Governor Makes Unprecedented Primary Move

Via The Washington Examiner:

Wisconsin may not hold its primary on Tuesday after all, following an executive order from the state’s governor. 

Tony Evers, a Democrat elected in 2018, issued the directive Monday afternoon, pushing back the voting date two months. The move comes amid concerns from public health professionals that holding an election amid the coronavirus outbreak could endanger lives and lead to low turnout. 

The decision is a startling reversal, as both Republicans and Democrats in the state were in a deadlock over what to do as a number of other states pushed back their own primaries. Earlier this month, a federal judge ruled the Wisconsin primary could proceed as scheduled. Evers then called a special session of the Republican-majority legislature over the weekend, seeking to force lawmakers to enact a delay. But GOP lawmakers adjourned without taking action, effectively leaving Tuesday as the primary date. 

A statement by Republican legislators in the state said they would immediately be challenging the order to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.