Conservatives BLAST Pelosi’s Virus Relief As Lib Wish List

Via The Washington Examiner:

Republicans erupted in anger and opposition Monday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released an economic relief package the GOP characterized as stuffed with liberal agenda items unrelated to the coronavirus crisis.

Pelosi, a California Democrat, unveiled the plan Monday afternoon, arguing it provides adequate help for workers and families hurt by the economic crisis brought on by the coronavirus. Moments earlier, Senate Democrats blocked a $2 trillion economic relief bill in an effort to win more concessions from the GOP. Pelosi hopes her bill’s provisions will be included in a final deal, she said.

“We give direct payments to families in a robust way and strengthen the child tax credit and the earned income tax credit,” Pelosi said, outlining part of the plan from a room within the Capitol. “We urge the Senate to move closer to the values” in the House bill, she said.

While the measure includes more aid to individuals and families, it also calls for new requirements for companies that receive emergency federal aid and loans, as well as changes to election law and energy policy long sought by Democrats.