Rand Paul Slams Foreign Aid Recipients

Via The Washington Examiner:

President Trump’s efforts to use foreign aid to win anti-corruption concessions and changes in policy from foreign governments should be applauded because many of those who receive U.S. tax dollars are “crooks,” according to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Addressing a key issue in the impeachment and Senate trial of President Trump and claims the president sought a Ukraine corruption investigation of the Bidens in exchange for promised U.S. aid, the Republican said presidents have the “latitude” to withhold funding — and that several have.

Noting that President Barack Obama delayed aid to Ukraine, he said, “Do presidents have the latitude to play some games with foreign aid? Sure.”

Paul, a noted foe of foreign aid programs, added to Secrets, “I think the whole point is that aid is supposed to be conditional. We want something if we give them money. I don’t want to give them money anyway because I don’t think we have any money to give, nor do I think anywhere in the Constitution is it authorized to give foreign aid. So I’m proud of him withholding any aid any time he can.”