Sanders Rips Into Rival Over ‘Elitist’ Fundraiser

Via The Washington Examiner:

LOS ANGELES — Bernie Sanders escalated his rhetoric in his populist 2020 Democratic presidential primary campaign, swiping at rival Pete Buttigieg’s “wine cave” fundraiser.

“Our campaign has received more contributions from more people than any candidate in the history of the United States of America,” Sanders, 78, told a crowd gathered Saturday in Los Angeles.

The socialist Vermont senator, the Democratic runner-up to 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton, picked up on a line used by another 2020 Democrat, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, at the party’s debate Thursday.

“We don’t have a super PAC,” Sanders said. “We don’t want a super PAC. We don’t go to rich people’s wine caves. This is a campaign of the working class of this country, by the working class, and for the working class.”