Warren Sounds More and More Like Khrushchev-Era Apparatchik

Elizabeth Warren¬†has a plan for that. And often, she’s got a new federal agency for that, too.

A Fox News analysis of the Democratic presidential candidate’s myriad and much-touted plans reveals that Warren’s ambitious agenda of policy prescriptions would not only prompt sweeping change in everything from health care to clean energy, but would come with the creation of at least 20 offices, bureaus, agencies, divisions or councils.

Some of these are entirely new; some would replace existing agencies, only on a bigger scale; and some would represent a relaunch of old agencies disbanded years ago. Taken together, what is proposed is a significant expansion in the size of the federal bureaucracy.

If elected president, Warren vows she’ll oversee the establishment of new offices that would be responsible for educating members of Congress on technology, investigating ethics violations, ensuring the U.S. is trading with green countries and much, much more.

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