House GOP Drafting Rebuttal To Impeachment Charges

Via The Washington Examiner:

House Republicans will release their own impeachment report to counter the one being drafted by the Democrats.

In a letter to colleagues on Monday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff revealed he is preparing a report the House Judiciary Committee would use to move articles of impeachment against President Trump. The California Democrat said he would deliver the report when lawmakers return the week of Dec. 2.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced hours later on Fox News that “the Republicans and the minority will have a report as well to go forward.” He said polls among independents and Democrats show falling support for impeachment but noted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is effective at holding the line.

“It will be interesting if the Democrats can hold enough votes for it, but I know Nancy Pelosi — she can hold them tight together,” the California Republican said on Sean Hannity’s show. “But come next November, I think they’ll have an awakening not just from independents but from Democrats and all Americans alike to throw them out of office.”