Army Officer Violates Hatch Act At Dem Rally

Via The Washington Examiner:

A major in the Army National Guard Signal Corps violated the Hatch Act by explicitly expressing support for Joe Biden’s presidential bid during a town hall meeting in South Carolina.

 Maj. Ginger Tate showed up to the event in uniform and was given the microphone. She became visibly emotional when describing how she led 130 troops into Afghanistan in 2013 while Biden was vice president. Shaking, she presented the 76-year-old with a coin bearing the names of every city her troops visited while deployed.

“I’ve been saving these coins for six years to meet you and President Obama so if that I ever met you, I would give it to you,” Tate said in front of an audience of about 400 people. “I’m so honored to have served under your administration and your leadership and I hope and pray that you will be our next president.”

The two embraced, and Biden reciprocated the action, giving her a coin he had in return.