Top GOP Senate Campaigns at Odds With Party

One week after national Republican Party leaders used strong-arm tactics, threats and legal action to try to force all GOP campaigns onto their preferred online fundraising platform, three of the party’s top Senate incumbent campaigns are still using rival companies.

Republicans are facing a tough re-election map as they work to keep their upper-chamber majority, and the Senate GOP political apparatus is laser-focused on protecting a core group of incumbents, including Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Cory Gardner of Colorado and Martha McSally of Arizona.

As of late Tuesday, these campaigns’ main website donor pages had yet to transition to WinRed, the Trump-endorsed online fundraising platform. National Republican officials are engaged in an aggressive campaign to convince all Republicans that WinRed is the key to the party’s very survival when it comes to competing with Democrats’ small-dollar fundraising advantage.

Butn fact, as of Tuesday, Tillis and McSally were still using Anedot, a sister company to Give.GOP, the donor-oriented website that Republican leaders shut down last week. Last Wednesday, the Republican State Leadership Committee, a Washington-based group devoted to electing state-level officials, pulled the plug on the .GOP domain it controlled, despite previously encouraging all Republicans and conservative organizations and other entities to use it.

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