Republicans Continue to Shatter Fundraising Records

The Republican Party and its fundraising committees have outperformed their Democratic counterparts in 2019, according to the latest FEC data.

Republican committees raised a combined $54.4 million in the first two months of 2019, while Democrats reported $39.6 million during the same period. Main party committee fundraising accounted for much of the gap, with the Republican National Committee (RNC) bringing in $30.3 million while the Democratic National Committee (DNC) raised just $12.7 million.

“A good field and data program for 2020 will cost a lot of money,” said Steve Guest, the RNC’s Rapid Response Director, when asked the substantial receipts. “So while Democrat candidates spend millions fighting amongst themselves while the DNC hardly raises any money, the RNC will continue to invest in our Party’s infrastructure to help President Trump and down ballot Republicans win.”

The GOP also commands an impressive lead for cash on hand, with the Republican committees reporting $58.1 million versus the Democrats $29.1 million as of Feb. 28.

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