Liz Cheney Drops Truth Bomb on Hamas Defending, Anti-Semitic Rep.

On Sunday, after Hamas had launched hundreds of rockets indiscriminately at Israel and murdered Israelis while wounding scores of other Israelis, anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) attacked Israel once again, blaming Israel for shooting “protesters” and insisting that Israel was occupying Gaza.

Rep. Liz Cheney, furious, fired back with a blistering tweet, blasting, “how many times will @IlhanMN rush to the defense of terrorists?”

Omar tweeted, “How many more protesters must be shot, rockets must be fired, and little kids must be killed until the endless cycle of violence ends? The status quo of occupation and humanitarian crisis in Gaza is unsustainable. Only real justice can bring about security and lasting peace.”

Cheney snapped, “1. Hamas controls Gaza. 2. Hamas is firing rockets at civilians in Israel. 3. @IlhanMN is defending Hamas. Real question is how many times will @IlhanMN rush to the defense of terrorists?”

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