Jewish GOP Rep Explains Why He Opposed Dems’ ‘Hate’ Resolution

Don’t ask questions if you really don’t want to hear the answers. After the vote on Nancy Pelosi’s “All Hate Matters” bill, otherwise known as the Ilhan Omar Protection Resolution, Democrats and the media focused not on Pelosi’s cave on Omar and anti-Semitism but on 23 House Republicans who didn’t play along with it. Rep. Lee Zeldin refused to stand silent as Democrats tried desperately to change the subject and the media desperately tried to lend a hand.

In a fiery three-minute floor speech, Zeldin made sure everyone knew his thoughts on the “Spineless, Watered-Down Resolution Filled With Moral Equivalency and Motivated by Double Standards,” as he titled it in a press release. If Republicans had the guts to name names with Rep. Steve King for his one transgression, why don’t Democrats have the intestinal fortitude to do the same with Omar on her third transgression in two months?

Note well that Zeldin, one of two Jewish members of the Republican caucus, takes the step of naming Omar in his speech to underscore his point:

If a Republican Member was pushing the anti-Semitism that Rep. Omar keeps peddling, this resolution would name names, and be solely, emphatically focused on anti-Semitism and that member would be removed from their committee assignments. The double standard motivating this decision by the Speaker and the moral equivalency filling this watered down text is spineless and disgusting.

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