Pelosi Fails to Win Over Any More Republican Detractors

The Democratic leadership on Friday failed to pick up any additional Republican votes on a spending bill to open the Department of Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Only 10 Republicans voted for the measure, leaving the final vote tally at 240-179. The vote is the latest sign that Republicans are digging in their heels to oppose any new spending bills that don’t include adequate funds for President Trump’s border wall.

On Thursday, 12 Republicans voted for a bill to reopen the Department of Transportation, and 10 voted to reopen the Department of Agriculture. Democrats are calling up the bills in the hopes of putting pressure on GOP lawmakers to start voting for the bills as the shutdown continues.

Democrats spent the morning trying to persuade their Republican colleagues to join them in opening the government, calling Trump’s insistence on $5.7 billion for the wall a source of self-inflicted punishment.

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