Republicans May Abandon Candidate Over Shocking Allegations

Congressional candidate Mark Harris was thought to be the winner in North Carolina’s 9th District, but there could be an attempt to replace him with a less tarnished candidate in a brand-new primary over allegations of ballot fraud.

The state elections board has not called for a new election, but North Carolina Republican lawmakers could dump him via a bill the state House and Senate approved Wednesday. A measure in the bill mandates a new primary for the district if the state elections board votes for a new general election, reported WSOC. Harris leads Democrat Dan McCready by roughly 900 votes, according to an unofficial count, and the Democrat withdrew his concession Thursday.

Elections officials are investigating possible absentee ballot fraud connected to “person of interest” Leslie McCrae Dowless, a political operative who reportedly spent time in prison for felony fraud. Dowless was a contractor for the top consulting group hired by Harris, reported The Charlotte Observer.

The alleged ballot fraud was concentrated in rural Bladen County, where Dowless ran a “command center,” according to WaPo. The district’s voters won’t know if there will be a new election until after Dec. 21, when a hearing about Dowless’s alleged illegal ballot harvesting is scheduled, according to WSOC.

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