Prominent Lib Offered Gushing Praise For Radical Leader

A Washington Democratic congressional candidate praised a radical labor leader in a 2017 interview with a liberal group based in Spokane, after previously listing the same person as an inspiration in her 1986 doctoral thesis.

Lisa Brown named communist leader Elizabeth Gurley Flynn when asked “Who is the greatest hero we have never heard of?” in a May 2017 interview with the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane.

“Well, a lot of people have heard of her, but they may not know the Spokane connection and that is Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, who was also known as the Rebel Girl,” she said in response to the question.

This is not the first time Brown has praised Flynn. The Washington Examiner reported last week that the Democratic candidate described Flynn and anarchist Emma Goldman as influences in her 1986 doctoral thesis. “As a feminist … I am also inspired by great women activists, such as Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and Emma Goldman,” she wrote.

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