Conservatives Gripe Over Trump’s Latest Deal

Conservative and pro-business groups are urging the White House to abandon a handshake agreement President Trump struck with Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., to fill an open slot on the National Labor Relations Board, the main federal labor law enforcement agency. It is a case, they argue, where Schumer may have proven he is better at the art of the deal than Trump.

Schumer wants Trump to renominate longtime NLRB member Mark Gaston Pearce, who has served on the board since 2010. Keeping Pearce wouldn’t upset the board’s current 3-2 GOP majority created by Trump’s previous NLRB appointees, so keeping Pearce may seem like a small price to play if it can get Schumer to pay ball on the other White House pick.

But in fact, conservatives say, keeping Pearce could effectively undo all of Trump’s previous picks, leaving the board as if President Obama was still in, a period that the groups see as uniquely pro-union and disruptive to the economy.

Two of President Trump’s picks for the NLRB, Chairman John Ring and board member William Emanuel, are facing considerable pressure to recuse themselves from a broad swath of the board’s cases. Should Pearce continue with the board, it could result in major cases being heard by a 2-1 Democratic majority. Pearce would have a “vested interest” in slowing down any effort to undo the Obama policies.

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