Bernie Reluctant to Endorse Son’s Floundering Campaign

Senator Bernie Sanders has traveled to Iowa and narrated a 30-second ad to endorse one congressional candidate and journeyed to Allentown, Pa., on behalf of another. He publicly backed a mayoral candidate in Omaha.

But while he’s busy endorsing politicians across the country who share his liberal values, closer to home Sanders is taking a noncommittal stand when it comes to his own flesh and blood.

Sanders has refrained from endorsing Levi Sanders in his only son’s campaign for the Democratic nomination for a New Hampshire congressional seat.

The Vermont senator and former presidential candidate — who has an ardent following in New Hampshire, where he defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary — also has not encouraged his legion of supporters to help Levi Sanders. He hasn’t even traveled to New Hampshire since his son announced he was running in February.

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