Why Comey’s Interview was a Media Flop

Former FBI Director James Comey’s highly anticipated weekend TV interview fell flat for key members of the press.

The one-hour interview, which aired Sunday on ABC ahead of the publication of Comey’s book “A Higher Loyalty,” received extensive coverage in the national press for Comey’s sharp rebukes of President Trump, but there were almost no revelations in his answers, and some critics said Comey came across as self-serving.

“I didn’t like that interview,” CNN political analyst David Gregory said Monday morning. “I don’t think Jim Comey came off well at all. I think yet again he is obsessed with his standing, his media standing, his kind of political standing.”

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said Comey’s book “does not appear to contain a ton of news in terms of revelations,” and she described the ABC interview as “much lower grade burn than I thought it would be, certainly, and than I think [Trump’s] advisers thought it would be.”

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