Lindsay Graham’s Dire Warning for Those Opposing Afghan Plan

During the Fox News Channel’s coverage of President Trump’s Afghanistan speech, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) praised President Trump’s Afghanistan policy announcement and warned members of Congress that the next 9/11 will be their fault if they vote the policy down.

Graham predicted that Trump’s proposal will receive a lot of bipartisan support in Congress. He continued, “I’m proud. I’m relieved. I’m proud of the fact that President Trump made a national security decision, not a political decision. … I’m relieved he did not take the advice to withdraw, which would have been disastrous or create a mercenary army.”

Graham later added, “I am very pleased with this plan, and I am very proud of my president.”

He also praised President Trump for delegating to the generals and stated that President Obama “was a lousy general.” Graham also expressed support for moving away from a timetable-based policy to one based on conditions on the ground.


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