Massive Illegal Immigrant Backlog Could Impact Deportations

The government’s processing of illegal immigrants has broken down as the number of backlogged court cases has grown to a ratio of 1,456 per judge, prompting some courts to schedule deportation cases as far out as February 2022, according to a new Government Accountability Office assessment.

The audit agency tabulated a total of 437,000 pending cases, double what it was in 2006. What’s more, the normal wait time for illegals to face a judge has grown from 198 days to 404 days.

But an analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies found that in some of the 58 immigration courts that employ about 300 immigration judges the backlog has become so bad that hearing dates are being set as far out as 2022.


The doubling of pending cases, however, is not the result of more illegals crossing the border, said GAO, according to the CIS analysis. The actual reason: Courts are taking much longer to get through individual cases.

Originally published by the Washington Examiner.