Trump And DeSantis Outline Their Border Security Plans

Both Republican presidential candidates, Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump, have outlined their plans to address immigration and border security.

Ron DeSantis, during an event in Eagle Pass, Texas, focused on border security as his chief aim. He referred to the Biden Administration as a crucial component in an illicit international human smuggling chain and expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. DeSantis promised to bring lasting security to the border if elected president. His plan involves the construction of a wall, holding Mexican drug cartels accountable, and collaborating with states to ensure strict law enforcement. As the governor of Florida, DeSantis has already implemented policies against illegal immigration. The border crisis, as evidenced by the high number of encounters recorded in May, highlights the urgency of DeSantis’ border security plan.

At the event the governor explained:

“I look at the issue of the border,” DeSantis said, as more than a “Texas problem.” “When you don’t have control of the border, that’s an American problem,” the Governor added.

DeSantis noted fentanyl presented one example of the problems presented by “illegal aliens,” whose “burdens on the community” extend to medical care and the criminal justice system.

“People act like these are Mexicans coming in … there are people from halfway around the world coming through this southern border,” DeSantis said, noting Tajiks, Libyans, Chinese, “criminal aliens” and “members of the terrorist watch list” have come through in recent years.

Donald Trump also emphasized border security and immigration policies during his campaign. He proposed ending automatic citizenship for children of individuals residing in the country illegally and expressed his intention to sign an executive order to terminate this practice on his first day in office. Trump highlighted the revival of effective border policies from his previous term, including Remain in Mexico, Safe Third Agreement, and asylum bans. He stressed the ongoing construction of the southern border wall. Trump aimed to reinstate the prosecution policy that led to increased deportations of illegal aliens and the prompt return of trafficked children to their families in their home countries. He also emphasized the significance of legal immigration and the need to reinstate the expired public health authority, Title 42, to enable rapid deportation of individuals crossing the border, particularly those carrying contagious diseases.

Both candidates share a focus on border security, construction of the wall, and holding accountable those involved in illegal immigration. DeSantis specifically highlights collaboration with states and addressing the issue of Mexican drug cartels. Trump emphasizes ending automatic citizenship, reviving effective border policies from his previous term, and addressing the child trafficking crisis.