Governor DeSantis Accuses Trump of Abandoning Pro-Life Cause: Inside the GOP’s Abortion Rift

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cautioned that Donald Trump is no longer serious about the issue of abortion during an upcoming interview on the “700 Club” set to air on Friday. The governor claimed that Trump has reduced his efforts towards protecting the unborn and that it is not one of his priorities. Previously, DeSantis experienced a considerable pro-life achievement when his state passed a heartbeat bill that forbids abortions in Florida after six weeks.

DeSantis further stated, “I don’t think there’s any elected official in the country who has not only stood up for the values that we all share, but has actually beaten the left back on these things.” He continued further, “Many Republicans have made promises through the years, but when the tough gets going, can you stand your ground and deliver on them? We managed to pass the heartbeat bill, which was remarkable for the pro-life campaign. While I appreciate what the former President has accomplished in various domains, he does not support that legislation. Protecting an unborn child when there is a detectable heartbeat, he claimed, was ‘harsh.'”

When Brody, the interviewer, questioned, “Do you believe that the former President has softened his stance on abortion, particularly in this area that you referenced?” DeSantis replied, “I think so. I was taken aback because he’s a Florida citizen. I thought he’d acknowledge the fact that we were able to pass the heartbeat bill that pro-lifers have been wanting for a while. He didn’t mention it, didn’t say anything about it. Then, when he was asked, he said it was ‘harsh.'”

DeSantis’s remarks not only highlight his accomplishment with the new heartbeat bill but also stress his anxiety regarding Trump’s alleged softening stand on abortion, suggesting that the battle lines on this contentious issue do not only exist between various political organizations but within themselves. It will be fascinating to watch how these discussions affect the GOP’s wider effort on this topic and on its voter base.

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11 months ago

That is NOT TRUE!!!!! Trump is passionate about Pro-Life! He just has a few other things on his mind right now, but he’s NEVER EVER ABANDONING IT!!
and as for Cristie, speaking from someone in New Jersey, THE LOSER IS YOU YOU BEACHED WHALE!! I REGRET VOTING YOU IN FOR A SECOND TERM YOU JACKASS!!